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North Atlantic Soundscapes - concert with slideshow on big sreen


Islands in the North Atlantic, like Tory Island - the Irish island of legend and myth, the Hebridies in the Northwest of Scotland or the wild archipelago of the Faroe Islands situated between the Shetlands and Iceland - these are the places where harpist and photographer Thomas Loefke spends a considerable amount of time every year to compose music. Dramatic coastal landscapes, the wide open space of the Atlantic ocean and the ever changing sky reflect in the pieces of music created there.

The tunes are accompanied by photographs Thomas took during his travels to the islands and by a bunch of amazing stories, a combination which makes this solo program a very entertaining show indeed.

From the sounds of the Celtic Middle Ages and the lively dances of Irish folk music, to the many original compositions each tune has its own texture, atmosphere and story to tell.

Alvastakkur    The Island in Winter    Loch Ossian    Djupini    Tór Mór  


Thomas learnt his trade in Dublin from Ireland's leading harp playersMáire Ní Chathasaigh, Helen Davies, Janet Harbison and Áine Ní Dhúill. Since 1984 he has toured across Europe, Canada, the USA and New Zealand and has won several international prizes, including first prize at the O'Carolan Harp Festival.

In addition to his solo work, Thomas regularily tours with Riverdance fiddler Máire Breatnach, with Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose as Norland Wind, with Colorado based cello/guitar duo Acoustic Eidolon, with Faroese violinist Angelika Hansen as duo Norðan, flutist Ellen Czaya and pianist Lutz Gerlach.

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