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Angelika Nielsen & Thomas Loefke - Norðan
North Atlantic Soundscapes     
Tutl SHD 116 / Laika Records 3510310.2
Angelika Nielsen   fiddle, viola
Thomas Loefke   Celtic harp
Ian Melrose  guitars, percussion
Máire Breatnach  fiddle, viola
Finnur Hansen  keyboards, percussion, accordion
Mikael Blak  double bass

Radio:  Angelika talks about the CD Norðan on KVF  (in Faroese) 

 1 Djupini 3.18  (Thomas Loefke)   youtube
 2 Døgg og Sproti 2.45 (Angelika Nielsen)  
 3 Sunnan 3.08 (Angelika Nielsen / Thomas Loefke)  
 4 At the River of Thor 3.44 (Angelika Nielsen)  
 5 Tjørnarøkur 2.48 (Angelika Nielsen)
 6 Foula Skies 3.32 (Thomas Loefke)  
 7 Svabo‘s Minuet No 30 2.24 (trad., arr. Angelika Nielsen)
 8 Leynar Lighthouse 2.53 (Thomas Loefke) 
 9 Valsur til Lilju 2.43 (Angelika Nielsen)
10 Loch Ossian 3.17 (Thomas Loefke)  youtube (live)
11 Mykines Waltz 2.48 (Máire Breatnach)
     The Water Tunes:
12 Alvastakkur 4.14 (Kristian Blak)  youtube
13 Arrivals  3.00 (Thomas Loefke)
14 Som den Gyldne Sol 4.58 (trad., arr Angelika Nielsen)   youtube (live)
15 Tór Mór 3.48 (Thomas Loefke)

1   Djupini  (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen, Melrose, Hansen)     youtube
     Looking over from Gjógv to Kalsoy over Djupini is one of the most majestic views on the Faroes.
     Feat. Ian Melrose (g, b), Finnur Hansen (kb, perc.)

2   Døgg og Sproti  (Angelika Nielsen)     
     Stóra Dímun is a small island in the Faroes, inhabited by two families. Døgg and Sproti are the children
     of the farmers there, and are violin students of Angelika. 
     Feat. Ian Melrose (g)

3   Sunnan  (Angelika Nielsen / Thomas Loefke, arr. Blak, Melrose)  
     Sunnan means “from the South“ in Faroese, that mysterious place where the birds come back from after
     Feat. Ian Melrose (g), Mikael Blak (double bass)

4   At the River of Thor  (Angelika Nielsen, arr. Hansen)
     Thurso in the North of Scotland, is named after the god Thor in Nordic mythology. This tune was
     composed while on tour in Scotland. 
     Feat. Finnur Hansen (kb)

5   Tjørnarøkur  (Angelika Nielsen)
     Near my hometown Vestmanna, there is a lake called Tjørnarøkur, where we used to catch
     'kombik' in our childhood with my brother and father.

6   Foula Skies  (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen)   
     Foula is the most westerly of the Shetland Islands, high cliffs, horses and one of the largest colonies of 
     attacking skuas in the world. Dedicated to Nigel and Cathy Hallet.

7   Svabo‘s Minuet No 30  (trad., arr. Angelika Nielsen)
     Jens Christian Svabo (1746 – 1824) is the first known fiddler on the Faroe Islands. His melody book, 
     containing around 300 tunes was found in the house Pæsastova, in the heart of Tórshavn. 
     Feat. Mikael Blak (double bass)

8   Leynar Lighthouse  (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen, Melrose)   
     In Leynar woodturner Ole Jakob Nielsen makes these amazing lampshades out of Faroese wood which
     create the warmest and cosiest light one could imagine.  
     Feat. Ian Melrose (g, b, perc. ), Finnur Hansen (accordion)

9   Valsur til Lilju  (Angelika Nielsen)
     This waltz is made for my beautiful goddaughter Lilja from Vestmanna. 
     Feat. Ian Melrose (g)

10 Loch Ossian  (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen, Hansen)
     A lonely lake in the Scottish Highlands near Rannoch Moor. 
     Feat. Finnur Hansen (kb)

11 Mykines Waltz  (Máire Breatnach)
     The bird paradise Mykines is the pearl of the Faroe Islands. Irish fiddle player Máire Breatnach wrote this    
     wonderful tune after a concert on the island. It is a pleasure to play it here together with her and 
     Scottish guitarist Ian Melrose, also a long time colleague and friend who adds many magical touches    
     to this album. 
     Feat. Máire Breatnach (viola, fiddle), Ian Melrose (g)

      The Water Tunes:
12 Alvastakkur  (Kristian Blak, arr. Nielsen)
     Alvastakkur is a seastack on the island of Hestur, right beside Klæmintsgjógv, the cave where Faroese 
     composer and pianist Kristian Blak startet the now famous series of “concerto grotto“ concerts in 1984.

13 Arrivals (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen)
     At the end of April every year on Mykines: ten thousands of puffins come back to the island to breed.

14 Som den Gyldne Sol  (trad., arr. Angelika Nielsen)
     The faroese tradition to sing Kingo-hymns developed from the time before the Reformation 1537, and
     retained many characteristics introduced in Catholic times. The tradition is named after Thomas
     Kingo's hymn book from 1699. The singing developed in different ways from area to area, this particular 
     hymn has more than 25 versions from different parts of the country. The first one is from Vestmanna,
     where people don‘t do things too fast, the second one is from Tjørnuvík, where the mountains are very     
     high, you can hear the big ups and downs in the melody, the last one is from Hoyvík, near the capital.

15 Tór Mór  (Thomas Loefke, arr. Nielsen)
     Tory Island in the Northwest corner of Ireland has a lot in common with Mykines and Foula.

produced by Norðan
mixed, edited and mastered by Jörg Surrey 
recorded at:
Finnur Hansen Studio Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Surrealissounds@teldex Berlin, Germany
Studio Mhic An Daill, Dingle, Ireland
recorded by Finnur Hansen, Jörg Surrey, Donogh Hennessy
photography: Thomas Loefke, Helmut Wilhelm (front), Christiane Stanko
Thomas` harp made by Jan Muyllaert 
tracks 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13 published by Laika records and publishing
Special thanks to: Ian Melrose, Máire Breatnach, Finnur Hansen, Mikael Blak, Jörg Surrey, Christiane Stanko, Kristian Blak, Sharon Weiss, Helmut Wilhelm, Eva and Jógvan Jón í Dímun, Katrina Johannesen, Eirik Suni Danielsen, Philippe Carré, Katharina Zapf, Manfred Pollert, Peter Cronemeyer.
Tutl records Reynagøta 12, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands	
Laika records Schlachte 41,  D-28195 Bremen

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